Enhanced Community Palliative Support Services in the NIHR CLAHRC Technologies Newsletter

Most people would prefer to die at home but a lack of community-based palliative care resources often results in individuals being transferred to hospital when their symptoms become difficult to manage.

In Canada a new approach is being used to deliver specialist care in the homes of palliative patients. Trained care assistants observe and report signs and symptoms, and use innovative technology to collect patient data and to communicate with specialist palliative nurses, providing them with information the nurse would normally collect during a visit, and delivering the care plan developed and managed by the nurse. The nurse monitors and delegates appropriate interventions in real time to the care assistant or to a district nurse where appropriate. This approach leverages the skills of the palliative specialist enabling them to care for four patients simultaneously when traditionally they could only care for one.

Initially funded by an award of £250,000 from the NHS England Nursing Technology Fund, NIHR CLAHRC Yorkshire and Humber will test this approach in a number of community settings within the Yorkshire and Humber region.

For further information visit the NIHR CLAHRC Yorkshire and Humber website.

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