Science that changes a City : Evidence from Born in Bradford 5th BIB Scientific Conference @BIBresearch

Born in Bradford 5th Scientific Conference

Monday 7 September, 9.15am–4.30pm
Venue: National Media Museum, Bradford, West Yorkshire

Find out how 13,000 Bradford families are pushing back the frontiers of medical knowledge about how our genes, lifestyles and environment shape our lives

Science and the Media
Winifred Robinson from BBC Radio 4

Science and the Arts
Ian McMillan and Ian Beesley

Science and Health

Kate Pickett: Bridging the Divides: Lessons from BiB and BetterStart

Carol Dezateux: Understanding children’s lives now and for the future:

Life Study meets BiB

David van Heel: Naturally occurring human gene knockouts: new insights into human biology

Martine Vrijheid and Mark Nieuwenhuijsen: What is the Exposome? And why does it matter to child health?

Mark Mon-Williams: Developing cognitive tools: The impact of culture on brain development
Bette Chambers: Leading to Literacy

Debbie Lawlor: How does your baby grow?
Pinki Sahota: Searching for the clues for diet and health in early life

And a cast of 1,000s! (29,677 to be precise)

To register please email:

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