Medipex NHS Innovation Awards and Showcase 2015 @medipex

About the awards

The Medipex NHS Innovation Awards and Showcase was created in 2005 to identify individuals and teams working for the NHS whose ideas or inventions have, or could lead to, improvement in the patient experience in all areas of care throughout the NHS. This year we are delighted to announce that we are introducing a new Digital Health Category, sponsored by our Investment Partners, Synergix Health Ltd.

The competition is open to all NHS staff in the Yorkshire and Humber region (individuals and teams) and our Members in the East Midlands, or anyone working with an NHS employee (e.g. a company, university employee or individual).

How are you meeting NHS Priorities?

In this year’s innovation competition we are particularly interested in receiving applications about cost effective, creative solutions that promote safe healthcare, prevent premature deaths, enhance the lives of people with long term conditions and or can make a contribution to economic growth.

Additionally, we encourage entries of innovations that have grown out of partnerships with Universities and/or industry, and those which include user participation.


GP and Primary Care

Innovations relating to improvements in primary care for example, that promote independent living, reduce hospitals admissions including pathway or service redesign incorporating new technology, or a book, a DVD, a training course, a public health campaign.

Secondary Care

Innovations relating to improvements in secondary care for example, medicines management, reducing A&E waiting times and hospital stay, safe discharge into the community. We are particularly interested in incorporation of a technology into a service, clinical pathway redesign and cost-savings programmes associated with adoption of innovation.

Mental Health & Wellbeing

Innovations relating to improvements in mental health care in particular that promote appropriate safe, independent, healthy lifestyles including, pathway redesign, a book, a DVD, a training course, redesign of a service, a public health campaign, or incorporation of a new technology into a service.

Medical Devices and Diagnostics

Innovations relating to an idea for, or development of a new medical device, piece of equipment or diagnostic by a member or team of NHS staff including collaborations with a company or a University

Digital Health

Innovations that demonstrate:

Cost effective management of long term conditions through digital care, streamline administrative processes such as safe discharge, script switching, medicines management, or focus on disease prevention or improved connectivity with medical devices/diagnostics.

How to Enter

The Entry Form can be downloaded here: 2015 Innovation Awards Entry Form.

Entries can be submitted via email or post and must be typed (faxed and handwritten entries will not be accepted).

Email to:


Send by post to:

Clare Steele-Childe, Event Manager

Medipex Ltd, Pure Offices Ltd,

4100 Park Approach, Thorpe Park,

Leeds, LS15 8GB

Closing Date

The closing date for entries is 5pm on Monday 13th July 2015 (entries will not be accepted after this time)

The competition rules and regulations are enclosed in the entry form.

The Awards Ceremony

Finalists will be invited to attend an awards dinner and ceremony on Thursday 8th October 2015 when the winners will be announced. The prize money will be given to the appropriate clinical directorate on the understanding it will be ring-fenced for the winner.

Entrants are required to use the prize money for the benefit of their idea or innovation.

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