King’s College London – MSc in Implementation and Improvement Science

King’s College London are now accepting applications for the MSc in Implementation and Improvement Science

Fees bursaries are available for early applicants who meet the criteria

MSc Implementation and Improvement Science is aimed at those who need to design, evaluate and research robust implementation and improvement science programmes. The course is aimed at those from health, policy, NGO and government sector, including health and social science researchers both in the UK and working in an international context.

There are many theories of implementation and scores of improvement techniques. This MSc teaches what’s already known about

various different approaches and how to critically examine techniques and theories. And you will discover the similarities and differences between improvement and implementation, knowledge mobilisation, knowledge translation, translational medicine, patient safety interventions, service improvement and clinical innovation.

Your teachers will include some of the world’s leading experts in implementation and improvement science, many of whom have

contributed to the development of this programme, and you will gain practical experience by working on an improvement or implementation project.

The MSc is awarded by King’s College London. It has been created jointly by researchers at King’s and Kingston and St George’s, University of London who are part of the NIHR CLAHRC South London, a research organisation working to improve health services.


Teaching in the MSc in Implementation and Improvement Science provides a firm grounding in the knowledge and analytical techniques used within the field. In doing so, it equips students with a set of skills and understandings that are necessary to evaluate implementation and improvement projects by developing their competencies in critiquing evaluations of projects; designing a robust evaluation, and conducting a small-scale study. This course seeks to prepare participants for future careers conducting, commissioning or using implementation and improvement science research in the health policy and healthcare arenas, and in university teaching and research. The programme is intensive and provides a deep understanding and skills for original and innovative application of knowledge and research to complex situations and evolving problems and situations. This programme also may provide a pathway towards more advanced academic study ie MPhil or PhD.


The MSc in Implementation and Improvement Science programme will enable students to identify the best ways to integrate research findings into healthcare policy and practice and the best strategies for evaluating improvement and implementation in healthcare in a given environment. It encourages students to combine rigorous theoretical analysis with concrete, problem-based research. The programme reflects King’s commitment to world-leading interdisciplinary scholarship on health, and to the use of academic research as a means for contributing to the understanding of pressing health issues. Students taking the programme will:

  • provide a rigorous training enabling students to develop research skills to support the design and delivery of effective health care services.
    • Learn how to critique and evaluate the effectiveness of different implementation strategies.
    • Learn research and project management skills, including how to present your findings clearly to a wide range of audiences, using a range of communication and dissemination strategies.
    • have the opportunity to design and deliver high quality independent research working in partnership with health and social care providers to meet live service needs.

The course offers core modules and a range of options from a range of Faculties to enable a personalised pathway, modules are also available on a single basis along with different exit levels. Students will attend a two-day Implementation Science Masterclass during the summer, led by experts in the field of implementation and improvement science from all over the world.


Before you apply: via our Enquiry Form at
Telephone: +44 (0)20 7848 1648


Jane Sandall

Professor of Social Science and Women’s Health

NIHR Senior Investigator
Division of Women’s Health | Faculty of Life Sciences & Medicine | King’s College London |Women’s Health Academic Centre | St. Thomas’ Hospital

London| SE1 7EH

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