Health Foundation £450,000 Policy Challenge Fund

A call for original policy analysis to inform policy makers on important issues in UK health policy

The Health Foundation has launched its £450,000 Policy Challenge Fund.

We are inviting researchers to submit proposals for short, focused projects on areas of significance to future policy decisions, particularly in moving to new models of delivering health and social care in the UK.

We want to fund experienced teams that use innovative approaches, undertaking research and analysis that is well-evidenced, timely, impactful and responsive to issues that matter to policy makers.

Each project will receive between £50,000 and £100,000 for research completed over four to 12 months.

We are inviting proposals in four topic areas:

  • competition in health care: the impact of competition in the UK and learning from international approaches
  • addressing failure: learning from other industries or health systems about responses to preventing and handling financial and quality failure
  • quality and resourcing: predictions and support for quality in a resource constrained NHS
  • constructive conversations: supporting local and national conversations on new funding settlement and transforming the delivery of care.

If you are interested in applying please read the Invitation to Tender for further information, or visit

The closing date for first-round applications is 12 noon, Tuesday 15 June 2015.

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