Final Report _Evaluation of the impact of a Weight Management programme for obese pregnant women

An evaluation of the impact of a Weight Management programme for obese pregnant women, delivered in an antenatal healthcare setting.  FINAL REPORT March 2015

Background: ………”In July 2010 guidance on dietary interventions and physical activity interventions for weight management before, during and after pregnancy were published by the National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence. The guide is aimed at healthcare providers, commissioners, managers and employees of the NHS who are involved, either directly or indirectly in, and have a responsibility for both pregnant women and women planning to become pregnant, and women who have become mothers within the last two years. It offers six recommendations on weight management which are based on methods proven to be effective in the general population. The recommendations include advice around ways to help women with a BMI of 30 or above to lose weight both pre and post-natally, healthy eating and physical activity. The service delivered in Barnsley meets these recommendations.”

Discussion and Conclusion: This final chapter outlines the key findings from the evaluation in relation to the original aims which were to:

  • To explore the motivators to, and acceptability of attending the dietetic appointment as part of antenatal care
  • To evaluate the women’s experiences around the delivery of dietary education/interventions
  • To evaluate the Dieticians’ experiences around the provision of dietary education/interventions
  • To explore the commissioners’ expectations of the service and determinants of success

Implications and recommendations for practice and further evaluation will also be presented.  However, first the methodological limitations of the evaluation which may have influenced both the nature of the data collected and the interpretation of the data will be explored.

Follow this link for the report in full and access to other final reports from the CLAHRC YH and SY Public Health and Inequalities Theme  

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