Supporting Medipex INNOVATION SCOUTS from all NHS backgrounds

Would you like to learn more about how you can help identify and support innovation to improve patient care within your organisation?

Do you have an interest in promoting new ideas and the adoption of “best practice” within your NHS Trust?

NHS staff are often experts in devising innovative new ideas and medical technologies to improve efficiency and productivity. In order to ensure these valuable ideas are identified, protected and shared effectively, Medipex founded the Yorkshire and Humber Innovation Scout Network. We are now expanding the Network to encompass all of the region’s NHS organisations. Any member of NHS staff with an interest in innovation can become an Innovation Scout; helping to find ideas with potential and to spread awareness and important key messages about the protection and exploitation of intellectual property.

All Scouts will receive training and full support from Medipex to carry out their new ‘innovation champion’ role, plus will become a member of an established peer network of Innovation Scouts working in other NHS Trusts with access to special networking events and further training opportunities. The next date for the Level 1 training is 10th June 2015.

For further details or to join the programme, please contact Lindsay Georgopoulos (<>).

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