Health Foundation guides on evaluation and spread

The Health Foundation has launched two new guides on evaluation and spread to support those working in health care improvement to evaluate and share their improvement work.


The quick guide, Evaluation: what to consider, has been inspired by people who asked the Health Foundation questions about how to approach evaluation of quality improvement in health care. The answers provide practical information on the most commonly asked questions.

This guide is intended to assist those new to evaluation by suggesting methodological and practical considerations and providing resources to support further learning.

We have not produced a prescriptive, step-by-step guide to evaluation, instead, we aim to stimulate thinking and support plans for evaluating improvement work

Spreading improvement

The practical guide; Using Communications approaches to spread improvement, introduces key concepts about spreading health care improvement work and examines the evidence about the role communications can play.

This accessible resource is intended for those actively engaged in health care improvement work and who want to explore how to best engage the right people to spread and share their findings.

While the guide focuses exclusively on communications approaches to spread, it acknowledges that there are many other methods for spreading improvement work that you may want to consider.

We hope you find these guides useful for your improvement work.

Best wishes,

Nick Barber

Director of Research

The Health Foundation

The Health Foundation. 90 Long Acre, London WC2E 9RA. Registered Charity 286967

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