ReQol Recovering Quality of Life

ReQol Recovering Quality of Life

A new brief generic measure of quality of life and recovery in mental health populations

The NHS is committed to increasing the use of outcome measures to improve care for people with mental health problems (Closing the Gap 2014). Through funding from the Department of Health a research team led by John Brazier, Health Economics & Outcomes Measurement theme lead for CLAHRC YH, is developing a generic patient reported outcome measure ‘Recovering Quality of Life’ (ReQoL), to assess the quality of life for people (aged 16 years and over) across a wide range of non- psychotic and psychotic conditions.

ReQoL is an outcome measure from the perspective of mental health service users.  Unlike existing measures that tend to focus on symptoms, ReQoL looks at themes (hope, autonomy, self-perception, belonging, well-being and ill-being, activities and physical health) that really matter to service users’ quality of life. Service users are heavily involved in both governance and as participants constructing the ReQoL measure. Experts, academics, clinicians and policy makers both nationally and internationally are also contributing to the development of ReQoL.

The ReQoL measure will be available for use from August 2015 to assess outcomes of interventions in routine clinical practice, audit, and monitoring.  ReQoL can be used to generate Quality Adjusted Life Years to conduct economic evaluation.

For further information please visit the ReQoL website:

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