Patient Opinion Newsletter Spring 2015 @patientopinion

All the latest news, views and reviews from the Patient Opinion team


If you know what drives us, you’ll know that we’re always looking for ways to enable more people to share their experiences of the health and care services they rely on.

The web offers us new ways to do that more safely, easily and perhaps for a wider range
of people than ever before.

Patient Opinion is already an accessible website, with themes for people with different visual abilities, and translationprovided by Google. But there is always more we can do.

This month we will be adding some British Sign Language videos to the site. Although a small number of deaf people have already posted stories, we want Patient Opinion to be a place which is clearly welcoming of deaf people and their particular – and often difficult – experiences of care. We want to make sure that deaf people can see what Patient Opinion is all about, and why it might be useful. We think our BSL videos will also be helpful to others who prefer to watch or listen, rather than read.

At the same time, we are looking at how we can make it possible for people with dementia, brain injury or other cognitive impairment to share their own experiences of care. We are exploring the possibility with Talking Mats, an innovative social enterprise based in Scotland, which has developed a way of communicating views and experiences by placing picture tiles on mats.

We are hoping that by working together, we can enable even more people – and people
we almost never hear from – to share their stories online. Once a story is public, it becomes part of a unique public resource which anyone can use, in all kinds of ways, to help make care better.

James Munro, Chief Executive
the UK’s leading independent feedback platform.
Or call us during working hours (local rate): 0114 281 6256
Twitter: @patientopinion

Email: team@patientopinion.
Twitter: @careopinion

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