Yorkshire and Humber Clinical Senate Bulletin @yhsenate


Welcome to the fifth edition of the bulletin designed to provide you with a progress report from the Yorkshire and the Humber Clinical Senate.  The Senate provides impartial advice across Yorkshire and the Humber on aspects of care where there is the potential to improve quality and outcomes.  The bulletins are issued on a quarterly basis.

This bulletin is provided for anyone working with, or interested in, the Senate in Yorkshire and the Humber.  It is provided on an opt-out basis.  If you received this email in error, or no longer want to receive the bulletin, email england.yhsenate@nhs.net with the words ‘Unsubscribe Bulletin’ in the subject line.

Completed Reports

Since our last bulletin we are pleased to have completed the following reports:

  •  a review of their community services proposals on behalf of Calderdale, North Kirklees and Greater Huddersfield CCGs
  •  a review of the options for re-designing out of hours emergency care in Ophthalmology for the Working Together programme across several Trusts (Sheffield Teaching Hospitals, Sheffield Children’s Hospital, Chesterfield, Barnsley, Rotherham, Doncaster and Bassetlaw, Mid Yorkshire)
  •  a review of draft service specifications for Sexual Health Services, Urgent Care and Community Services on behalf of Hull CCG

We hope to be able to assess commissioner comments of these 3 reports at our Council meeting on 25th March and sign these reports off for publication.

Forthcoming Work

We are pleased to be in early discussion with several CCGs regarding the potential of working with them on the following proposals:

  •  Rotherham CCG – children’s pathways for their emergency centre
  • Healthy Lives Healthy Futures (Northern Lincolnshire CCGs) – a draft HLHF plan that describes the future clinical vision for services in Northern Lincolnshire
  • Hull CCG – Hull Integrated Care Centre
  • West Yorkshire CCGs  – urgent and emergency care proposals

Do you want to work with us?

If you have any pieces of work which you think may benefit from independent clinical review please get in touch with joanne.poole1@nhs.net  The Senate is able to provide early review of developing proposals and feedback that advice via a Chair’s letter in addition to the option of a full report on more developed proposals.

NHS England Review of Senates (the Organisational Alignment and Capability Programme)

The national review of the Senates is still ongoing and a number of options are under consideration.  The key issues appear to be ensuring that the work of senates is linked directly to the NHSE objectives and that there is consistency of terms of reference and work methods across the senates.

There was a detailed discussion on these points at the National Senate Meeting on 9th March 2015. Proposals for Senates and Strategic Clinical Networks will be considered by the NHS England Board on March 26th and we expect implementation of any change to be completed by September 2015.

We will keep all our stakeholders informed as we receive further information but currently it is business as usual.

Reflection on Working Arrangements

As the Council has now been in operation for a year, at our next Council meeting on 25th March we will be discussing whether there is opportunity for improving our ways of working.  We will discuss a range of proposals including our process for review, management of Conflict of Interest, terms of reference and Council meeting arrangements.  We are happy to receive any comments or reflections you may have prior to our meeting on the 25th March.

General Information

The opportunity to join the Assembly remains open. It is a great opportunity to be involved in a range of strategic reviews across the Yorkshire and Humber geography. If you are interested you can follow the simple application process through our website.

Don’t forget that you can follow us on Twitter: @yhsenate and our website www.yhsenate.nhs.uk contains all our work and public Council papers.

Contact Us

Web address www.yhsenate.nhs.uk
Twitter account @yhsenate
Senate Manager Joanne Poole

Joanne.poole1@nhs.net 0113 8253397 or 07900715369

Senate Chair Chris Welsh

Chris.welsh@nhs.net 07831197822

Senate Administrator Stephanie Beal

stephaniebeal@nhs.net 0113 8253467

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