CARE @CLAHRC YH has recruited 34 participants just 966 to go!

The Yorkshire & Humber Community Ageing Research (CARE) Study
Frailty is the result of cumulative physiological decline in multiple body systems (brain, immune system, and endocrine, musculoskeletal) and is associated with an increased risk of admission to hospital, long-term care residence and mortality. What tends to happen is that a small event such as a change in medication, minor operation experienced by a frail older person has a disproportionate impact on their health which can result in them going from independent to dependent or mobile to immobile. People with frailty tend to become increasingly frail over time. The existing healthcare response to frailty is predominantly reactive and secondary care based often when people arrive in hospital. However, for our research as part of the NIHR CLAHRC Yorkshire and Humber we are looking to identify people in primary care via GP practices with the aim of developing proactive strategies at that point.

For the CARE cohort study we will recruit up to a 1000 (recruited 34 participants just 966 to go) frail older people from GP practices for observational research as well as a platform for additional studies, intervention (treatments),  and qualitative studies to find out how frail people cope. We will investigate a number of health, social and economic outcomes at various time points over four years, as well as taking blood samples for the establishment of a blood bio-bank for future research. For more information click here

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