Call for poster abstracts_#THINKphysical: Manchester Mental Health Festival

Call for poster abstracts: Manchester Mental Health Festival

THINKphysical: Manchester Mental Health Festival is the first festival of its kind that aims to raise awareness of the importance of improving the physical health of people with severe and enduring mental illness. Taking place between 14 and 19 June 2015, the week-long series of events will bring together academic, healthcare and charity organisations alongside service users, their carers and the general public.

On Monday 15 June, the THINKphysical launch event will be taking place in Manchester at a central location (exact details to be confirmed). We are inviting poster abstracts focussing on the following suggested themes:

  • Screening for physical health in people with severe and enduring mental illness (SMI)
  • Long-term physical health management in people with SMI
  • The use of lifestyle services in physical health management for people with SMI
  • SMI service user perspective on physical health
  • Anti-psychotic medication side effects
  • Integrated/collaborative care in addressing physical health and SMI
  • Care planning and physical health and SMI.


Abstracts will be selected on:

  • Relevance to their field of investigation
  • Impact on the local and wider NHS.

Abstracts must conform to the following requirements:

  •  Include a short title (up to 20 words) and the author’s names (asterisk the presenting author). Titles may be edited for the event programme
  • Maximum length: 250 words
  • Structure: background/objectives, methods, results, implications
  • Include presenting author’s contact details (including name, job title, institution and email address).

How to submit

Download the poster abstract call Word template and email the completed document to

Deadline and response process

The deadline for electronic submission is 5.00pm on Friday 3 April 2015.

All authors will be notified via email by 5.00pm on Friday 10 April 2015. As well as bringing printed posters to the event, all selected authors are required to submit a PDF version of their poster by 5.00pm on Friday 5 June 2015.

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