Yorkshire Health Study_Yorkshire Health calculator has gone live @YorkshireCohort

Yorkshire Health Calculator now live!

The Yorkshire Health Calculator is a new online geographically based health comparison tool.

The tool asks people to provide information on their age, gender, height, weight, health and lifestyle behaviours and wellbeing. It then provides a rapid individualised comparison of the user’s scores with the average scores for men or women their age in Yorkshire. Questions are drawn from the Yorkshire Health Study online Health Questionnaire (which users are also given the option to complete).

By providing users with individualised feedback and a comparison of their health, the researchers are interested to know if the Yorkshire Health Calculator will encourage users to think about how to improve their health and lifestyle choices, and whether it will encourage them to take part in the Yorkshire Health Study.

It is fun, quick and simple to complete. Click to compare your health with other Yorkshire men and women at  https://health-calculator.ctru.shef.ac.uk/

Find out more about the Yorkshire Health study at www.yorkshirehealthstudy.org.

Yorkshire Health Calculator

Yorkshire Health Calculator

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