Event_ The Nation’s Biggest Housewarming and Warm Well Families – Resources Launch

The Nation’s Biggest Housewarming and Warm Well Families – Resources Launch

Tools to help identify families vulnerable to living in cold homes

Hosted by The Public Health Hub, Sheffield Hallam University in partnership with

Doncaster Metropolitan Borough Council and Rotherham Metropolitan Borough Council

Thursday 26th February 2015

10:00am – 12:30pm at Cantor building, Room 9002, Sheffield Hallam University

 You are invited to the launch of the Warm Well Families resources which coincides with National Energy Actions (NEA) ‘Nation’s Biggest Housewarming’ and the National Fuel Poverty Awareness Day. A child growing up in a cold home can be associated with poor infant weight gain, slower development, worse asthma and more hospital admissions. It can affect educational attainment, emotional wellbeing, resilience and can even limit dietary opportunities. The Warm Well Families research project aimed to explore the factors that drive the behaviour in households with children who have asthma in relation to keeping warm and accessing help and advice.

The research findings have led to the development of a range of resources including the ‘trade off zone’ which demonstrates factors that combine to drive choices and behaviour and Pen Portraits which bring the research to life. The ‘Book of Damp’ is a chapbook, developed using the research findings, the imagery and photography presented in the book provide a novel approach to highlight the plight of families living in cold, damp homes.

The launch will provide a background to the research and the findings and introduce the resources. We are also supporting NEA’s Nations Biggest Housewarming which raises money for projects and initiatives that will help vulnerable people live in a warm home.

Places are limited so please contact Anna Ryan a.f.ryan@shu.ac.uk if you would like to attend and include details of your role and the agency you represent.

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