Funded PhD Studentship Enduring Disabilities and/or Disadvantage (EDD) @clahrc_eofe

Applications are invited for a 3 year PhD studentship, starting in October, 2015, and funded in full
(fees and maintenance) by the NIHR CLAHRC (Collaboration for Leadership in Applied Health
Research and Care) East of England at Cambridgeshire & Peterborough NHS Foundation Trust
(www.nihr-clarc-eoe). This is a major research initiative involving the Universities of Cambridge,
East Anglia, and Hertfordshire, together with local NHS Trusts, Cambridgeshire County Council
and other health and social care organisations, the aim of which is to develop closer links between
research and clinical practice in health and social care. The successful student will be part of the
Enduring Disabilities and/or Disadvantage (EDD) Theme of the CLAHRC: (Theme Lead: Professor
Anthony Holland). This theme focusses on research relevant to the needs of children and adults
with intellectual disabilities and others who are at risk of mental and/or physical health inequalities,
because of, for example, autistic spectrum conditions, brain injury, severe and chronic epilepsy,
serious mental illness, or childhood experiences that have led to being ‘looked after’ by the local

The range of expertise within the EDD Theme means that there are a number of possible projects
that could be developed, involving quantitative, qualitative or mixed methods, and based at, and
supervised by, senior academic and clinical academic staff at any of the three participating
Universities. The research undertaken for the PhD should fit the remit of the CLAHRC, and the
EDD Theme in particular, and involve applied health research aimed at better understanding and
improving the health and lives of people with enduring disabilities and/or disadvantage. Candidates
who are interested in applying should contact Dr Isabel Clare in the first instance, requesting
details of possible supervisors and their areas of expertise and interest. It is then up to each
candidate to liaise with the relevant supervisor to develop a PhD project. The candidate should
then submit a formal CLAHRC application (form available on request). S/he must also submit an
application for post-graduate study to the supervisor’s University, since candidates must also be
accepted by the relevant University before they can be considered. A selection process, including
interviews, will then take place and the studentship awarded. The outcome of this process will be
known by the end of May, 2015.
Applications, which should comprise a completed CLAHRC application and an application to the
relevant university, must be received by 16th February.

All requests for further information should be addressed to Dr Isabel Clare, Consultant Clinical &
Forensic Psychologist, EDD Theme, NIHR CLAHRC East of England, 01223-746117 or

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