Focusing on talk between doctors and patients A joint workshop

Focusing on talk between doctors and patients A joint workshop Patient Choice Study Group (Universities of Sheffield, York and Glasgow) & the Communication and Language Theme of the Medical Humanities Centre (University of Sheffield)

Dear colleagues

We are delighted to announce a one-day workshop showcasing recent developments in the study of doctor-patient communication carried out in Sheffield.  The day will include short presentations and extensive opportunity for discussion and questions, as well as some practical exercises based on data from real clinical encounters.  The provisional schedule below indicates the topics to be covered.

Date: Friday 27th February 2015 Time: 10.00 – 16.30

Place: Halifax Hall Hotel, Sheffield (see

Who should attend: Doctors, nurses, health care professionals, psychologists, communication researchers, sociologists, linguists

Provisional schedule

Coffee available on arrival from 9.30am

Welcome and overview of the day

10.00-10.10   Professor Markus Reuber (University of Sheffield)

Session 1: Small differences matter – Conversation Analytic (CA) insights into the effects of different history-taking approaches

10.10-10.40   Research presentation by Dr Laura Jenkins
(University of Sheffield)

10.40-10.50   Discussion and questions

Session 2: Differential diagnostic potential of Conversation Analysis (CA) in the memory clinic

10.50-11.20   Research presentation by Dr Chris Elsey

(Loughborough University)

11.20-11.30   Discussion and questions

11.30 – 11.45 – Coffee break

Session 3: What is patient choice in clinic interactions and do patients want it?

11.45-12.15   Research presentation by Professor Markus Reuber
(University of Sheffield)

12.15-12.30   Discussion and questions

12.30-13.00 – Lunch

Session 4: Parallel Conversation Analysis workshops using video data and transcripts


Participants to choose one from the following:

  • Consultation openings, with Dr Laura Jenkins
  • Interaction in the dementia clinic, with Dr Chris Elsey
  • Option-listing used as a means to make a recommendation, with
    Dr Merran Toerien

Session 5: The single-option dilemma

14.00-14.30   Research presentation by Dr Merran Toerien

(University of York)

14.30-14.45   Discussion and questions     

14.45-15.00 – Coffee break

Session 6: Medical Humanities (University of Sheffield) panel

15.00-16.00 (10 minutes per presentation with 5 minutes each for questions)

i) Communicating risk in diabetes consultations: plans and methods

Sarah Gelcich (School of English)

  1. ii) Analysis of narratives from patients with pulmonary hypertension and their clinicians

Julia Goddard (Academic Unit of Medical Education)

iii) Recording life stories in palliative care

Michelle Winslow (The School of Nursing and Midwifery)

  1. iv) How did the medical advice prescribed regarding alcohol and tobacco in vernacular medical texts change between 1530 and 1700

Mairead Deneny (History Department)

Session 7: Round table discussion                    

With input from patient representatives, Andrew Myers and Rob Wilks


Please contact with any enquiries regarding this event or to book a place.

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