Can the Yorkshire Health Study recruit patients for your research project @Yorkshirecohort

The Yorkshire Health Study (YHS) is a longitudinal observational health study collecting health information on the residents of the Yorkshire and Humber region. Originally the South Yorkshire Cohort, in 2014 the study was expanded across the wider region with the aim of collecting health data on the whole of Yorkshire and the Humber while providing a research platform for rapid and economical recruitment to a range of health studies. In the studies first wave of data collection (2010-2012), 27,802 individuals aged 16 to 85 from South Yorkshire filled in the questionnaire and sent it back to researchers at the University of Sheffield, with 22,715 consenting to be contacted again for research purposes. Data was collected on a wide range of variables, including demographic characteristics, current and long standing health, health related behaviour, wellbeing and health care usage. The second wave of data collection (2012-2015) is now underway.

The study provides a large participant identification and recruitment facility. Uniquely, the platform facilitates recruitment to randomised controlled trials and provides economical long-term follow up. Supported by a strong network of regional collaborators including the NHS, academics and local authorities, the YHS is being used for a wide range of studies from qualitative studies to randomised control trials. The cohort has also been used to inform local council policy development as well as planning and resource allocation, making it an invaluable resource. Details of all projects can be found on the Yorkshire Health Study website (

If you are interested in recruiting YHS participants to your research study visit or email Dr Annette Haywood at

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