RCGP_An inquiry into patient centred care in the 21st century

Report of an independent inquiry commissioned by the Royal College of General Practitioners
Published in November 2014

This report may be useful background for anyone supporting, or planning, a submission to the current NIHR comorbidity themed call.

An RCGP inquiry has concluded that clinicians must work with patients in a different way, providing personalised care and empowering patients to play an active role in managing their health.

The report also calls for a shift in the way that general practice is delivered, so that practices come together as federations or networks and work with a range of other services to deliver coordinated and proactive care in the community.

Chairs Foreword In a world of limited resources and rising demand for healthcare, the effectiveness of primary care –and the role that patients play in interacting with it – is hugely important. In the UK we have one of the world’s greatest primary care systems, based on the solid foundation of comprehensive list-based general practice. Our primary care service lies at the very heart of our health system and, arguably, is why the NHS has historically dominated international league tables comparing the effectiveness, efficiency and fairness of different healthcare systems.


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