Reconnect – Art and Science project will take science into community settings

Dear Science partners,

I may already have been in touch with you regarding the Reconnect- Art and Science project that I am coordinating for Ignite Imaginations. There are two distinct aspects to the project that I am writing to offer you the opportunity to participate in along with University academics and various science professionals.

  •  One is to participate by giving a short talk in the How do art and science relate in today’s world? seminar on Wednesday March 11th from 10am-1pm followed by a networking lunch until 2pm to be held at University of Sheffield’s SiTrans department.
  •  The other is to hold a workshop or give a talk at one, two or all three community venues, during the time period of March 16th-March 26th, where we will be showing a mini exhibition of academic scientific research and art exhibits inspired by the theme of How the Body Works.

Both give the opportunity to share your research with a wider audience and in communities that may not normally access scientific research, during British Science week and Sheffield Festival of Science.

Please could you see the opportunities, followed by further information about the project and click on this link to book your participation before January 16th 2015?

Here is the link:

  •  On Wednesday March 11th to give a 10 minute presentation between 10.15am -11.00 am inclusive on your research and how your work relates to/or your views on the theme of How do art and science relate in today’s world?
  •  On Wednesday March 11th Hold a discussion workshop, 11.45 or 12.15, on the theme of How do art and science relate in today’s world?
  •  Between March 16th-26th to give a talk or lead a workshop with time for audience questions/discussion during a one hour time frame, at a community venue

Introduction on Reconnect-Art & Science on How the body Works

Ignite Imaginations have recently secured funding from The Department for Business, Innovation and Skills (BIS); “Reconnect” will take science into community settings, and aims for the audience engaged with this project to feel better informed about science issues affecting them and be inspired to be involved further in the future.

A touring exhibition visiting Jordanthorpe, Shiregreen and Parson Cross (open for free to the public for three days in each area throughout March 2015 and as part of Sheffield Festival of Science and Engineering) will showcase a number of sections of research/work related to the body.

Each section will have an artist’s impression of the area of research complimented with an exhibition of the science and related academic work. Talks and workshops will be delivered alongside the exhibition giving the audience the chance to get actively involved and further understand current work on the body.

We aim to make science more accessible initially through creativity but also by presenting the exhibition in local and accessible places. We will be targeting local people, organisations and groups to attend the exhibition, talks and workshops and want to ultimately support them to be more interested and inspire by science.

If you have any queries please feel free to get in touch.

Kind Regards,

Panni Loh

Project Coordinator

(I work Mondays, Tuesdays and Wednesdays)

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