The Better Care Fund: Commissioning & Delivering Integrated Care

The Better Care Fund: Commissioning & Delivering Integrated Care | Join us on 17.03.15

The Better Care Fund 2015/16: Commissioning, Planning & Delivering Integrated Care
Westminster Briefing, London, Tuesday 17th March 2015

This Westminster Briefing on 17th March 2015 will provide you with up-to-date insight into what to expect from the Better Care Fund along with practical guidance to help you prepare for the second funding allocation. Learn about resource allocation, risk and budget sharing in your local area taking strategies back to your setting in preparation for the changes ahead.

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Why should you and your colleagues attend?

Engaging with the panel of experts, the key issues to be addressed include:

– Transforming integrated care in your setting
– Local government planning: changes to commissioning and funding structures
– Understanding and meeting the six national conditions to access the fund
– The BCF and the Care Act: how will they work together?
– Developing a shared channels of communication between public services
– Payment for performance: how success will be gauged and rewarded
– Linking local plans to wider social determinants of health
– Generating local structures to support new community working relationships

Click here for a full agenda

Further information and registration

Date & Venue: Tuesday 17th March 2015 in Central London (venue to be confirmed)
Time: 11.00am – 3.30pm
Cost: £225 for one booking, £175 each for two or more bookings
How to Register: Either register on our website or complete and return a booking form

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Best wishes,
Millie Macdonald
Research & Development Manager
Phone: 0207 593 5744

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