Cultivating Compassion: Digital Storytelling and Enhanced Patient Experience

A one-day conference | 3rd December 2014 | Kings Fund: London

Enhancing Thinking and Practice

Keynote Speakers:
• Patient, service user and carer panel
• Neil Churchill, Director of Patient Experience, NHS England
• Dr Helen Bevan, Chief Transformation Officer, Horizons Group, NHS Improving Quality
• Joe Lambert, Founder and Director, Centre for Digital Storytelling (Berkeley, California)
• Dr Iona Heath (former president of the RCGP)

Break-out Sessions by Practitioners and Researchers on:

  •  Involvement and improvement
    • Transformational learning
    • Therapeutic benefits of digital storytelling
    • Using stories in research
    • Co-production

Improving health outcomes and enhancing patient experience are issues of global concern and are key
objectives for the UK National Health Service. Over the past decade, there has been increasing emphasis on engaging with and involving patients in all aspects of their care and greater efforts made to
gather and make good use of patient feedback.
Healthcare organisations across the acute, community, mental health, primary and social care sectors,
as well as local government, third and private sector organisations are now making use of a variety of
methods and approaches at gathering patient feedback. In the UK, NHS England is at the forefront of
championing the use of patient feedback through a variety of initiatives including The Friends and Family
Test [FFT] and Open and Honest Care.
Digital storytelling is one such approach that offers considerable potential for making effective use of
the patient and carer voice. For over a decade, the Patient Voices Programme has been quietly driving
innovation and improvement, promoting reflection, facilitating transformational learning, offering
opportunities for healing and reconciliation, gathering highly qualitative data and transforming healthcare
through the co-production of reflective digital stories of health and social care.
This conference celebrates the publication of the first book about digital storytelling in healthcare. Keynotes by leaders in the worlds of patient and carer experience, innovation, healthcare policy, clinical practice and digital storytelling will be supported by themed workshops exploring the practical applications and benefits of Patient Voices digital stories and digital storytelling.
The conference will provide a forum for sharing ideas and experiences and raising awareness of the
potential of the arts and humanities to contribute to the humane and compassionate design and delivery
of healthcare. This conference is for all who care about care that is not only safe and of the highest quality but also enhances the experience of every patient and is, always, humane and compassionate.

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