National CLAHRC Bites included in NICE Evidence Services

What are NICE Evidence Services?

NICE Evidence Services are a suite of services that provide internet access to high quality authoritative evidence and best practice. The services cover health, social care and public health evidence. Evidence Services aim to help professionals make better and quicker evidence based decisions. NICE Evidence Services consists of 6 resources:

  • Evidence Search
  • Healthcare Database Advanced Search (HDAS)
  • Clinical Knowledge Summaries (CKS)
  • BNF microsite
  • Bulletins, Alerts and Evidence Awareness service

Who are NICE Evidence Services for? 

NICE Evidence Services are for everyone in health and social care who makes decisions about treatments, interventions or the use of resources. While NICE Evidence Services are designed primarily for professionals and practitioners, patients and the wider public are also able to search most of the content.

What is an Evidence Update?

NICE produces Evidence Updates to provide a straightforward and succinct overview of significant new research and evidence published since the literature search was last conducted for the accredited guidance it updates. Evidence Updates are published regularly, often annually.

National CLAHRC Bites

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