South Yorkshire Dysphagia Toolkit Information resource

The South Yorkshire Dysphagia Toolkit is a new information resource for anyone with an interest in swallowing problems (dysphagia).  

Dysphagia is a relatively common problem, associated with long term and like limiting conditions and can have a profound impact on the physical and mental health of sufferers.

The Toolkit was created as part of a research study funded by the NIHR CLAHRC for South Yorkshire and conducted in collaboration with Sheffield Teaching Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust and was developed to spread three simple messages about dysphagia: 

  1. Dysphagia is a patient safety issue.  It compromises quality of life and    health because of the risks of malnutrition, dehydration and aspiration pneumonia.
  2. Details matter in dysphagia or as one carer said “simple tips can save lives.”  She spoke about the importance of sitting upright to reduce the risk of food or drink going into the lungs. 
  3. Dysphagia is everyone’s business, especially those who assist people to eat and drink.  This is why training – to understand the problem and how you can help yourself or others to swallow safely – is vital.

The Toolkit contains lots of practical resources and information which is likely to be relevant for trainers delivering sessions about dysphagia, health and social care students and staff, people with dysphagia and their families.

Please let us know if, and how, you use this Toolkit.  We would welcome your feedback, especially any suggested improvements, new information or problems with the links. email:


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