Conference_Tailored Implementation for chronic diseases (TICD)

Invitation to Warsaw 7-8 October 2014

Dear Colleagues

It is my pleasure to share with you and your group members the information about small meeting on implementation in health care in October 2014 at Warsaw, Poland.

Please see the details at: keep reading below.

As part of the European project Tailored Implementation for chronic diseases (TICD) we are organizing an invitational meeting in Warsaw on 7-8th October 2014.  The aim of the conference is to discuss the evidence for strategies to improve healthcare for patients with chronic diseases, with a focus on primary care.

The meeting will have a form of 4 round table discussion sessions preceded by the introductory speeches by Jeremy Grimshaw, Andy Oxman, Richard Baker and Gillian Leng.

This conference is specifically targeted at the new European member states. We will discuss how to develop and strengthen an infrastructure for knowledge implementation and implementation research in healthcare systems. On the first day, presentations will cover the evidence around how to implement change and the tools that are available to support this. On the second day, the presentations will cover how best to tailor interventions and the experience of the UK National Institute of Health and Care Excellence using evidence in the policy context.  Each presentation will be accompanied by round table discussion of the topics and their use in participants’ countries.

The conference is organized in Poland by the Centre for Family and Community Medicine

of the Medical University of Lodz on behalf of which I present this offer.

We will be privileged to invite you and/or other researchers/practitioners who you could suggest, interested in implementation science in your country to participate in our conference. I would be grateful for your assistance with linking us with colleagues interested in the topic and willing to join us at Warsaw.

Participation in the conference is free of charge. The organizer will cover costs of one night in the single room.

More information on our project you will find at:

Please find attached the draft program of the conference and registration form.  Places will be allocated on a “first come first served” basis.

Please send back to me the registration form if you are interested and suggestions on other participants till 30th of June.

I look forward to hear from you or other interested

With best regards

Dr Katarzyna Kosiek


Katarzyna Kosiek MD, PhD, FPh

Centre for Family and Community Medicine

Medical University of Lodz

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