Training opportunity_British Association for the Study of the Liver

Dear Trainee,                                                                                                                          24th May 2014

We are writing to invite you to an exciting educational opportunity which is free to attend. We are organising a training workshop for trainees who are part of the NIHR Infrastructure, BASL or the BSG.

Theme – ‘Fibrosis from Theory to Practice: An Exploration of the Challenge of Developing Anti-Fibrotic Therapy for Liver Disease and how we may Approach Addressing it’.

Location – Gateshead Hilton

Date – Sunday 14th September (immediately before BASL Annual Meeting in Newcastle, 15-17th Sept)

 The programme for the meeting is at the end of this invitation. We envisage a full day of lectures and discussion followed by a course dinner for delegates and faculty.

Free overnight accommodation on Sunday 14th September will be available for those who require it.

For trainees attending this meeting who also wish to attend the BASL Annual Meeting 2014, registration for this event will also be included.

Places are limited and will be offered on a first come first served basis.

This will be an innovative and multi-disciplinary one day education meeting for trainees to explore:

  • The theory of anti-fibrotic therapy for use in chronic liver disease linking basic science discovery with approaches for therapeutic development
  • Approaches to evolving theoretical science into novel pharmaceutical agents
  • Approaches to evaluating the efficacy of such agents in practice (touching on end-points for trials and novel modalities to assess degree of fibrosis applicable both in the trials setting and potentially in clinical practice)
  • Challenges and potential solutions for implementation of those therapies in practice (who would prescribe to which patients in what care delivery framework).

The concept of the meeting is to take theoretical science through translation into implementation in clinical practice. The faculty are drawn from key investigators from relevant areas, with a significant industry and industry-engaged component.

We anticipate that this workshop will give a unique insight into the challenges and opportunities in this area, and provide a forum in which to bring together clinical and academic collaborators to discuss future opportunity. We very much hope that you will be able to join us.

Event booking is live now on the website:


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