Health Foundation – Invitation to tender – Evaluation

Health Foundation – Evaluation of the Wales 1000 Lives Improvement Patient Flow Programme

The Health Foundation is seeking a provider to undertake an evaluation of the Wales 1000 Lives Improvement Patient Flow Programme. The budget is up to £480,000 (including VAT if applicable and allexpenses). The evaluation and final report should be completed by September 2016. The application deadline is 12 pm Wednesday 26 March 2014 and further information can be found at    

Kerry McCarthy

Research Manager, The Health Foundation

Telephone: 020 7257 8000 

Healthcare Improvement Scotland

The unique initiative from Healthcare Improvement Scotland will see national and international experts deliver seminars beamed over the internet each month from locations across the globe.

The first webinar, featuring a speaker from Tasmania, attracted an audience of more than 140 clinicians for the hour-long talk.

Such was the interest that Healthcare Improvement Scotland staff working abroad linked in from eight different countries – with one even ensuring they signed up while on holiday on Malaysia.

Healthcare Improvement Scotland Executive Clinical Director, Dr Brian Robson, said the sessions provide valuable insight for clinical staff tasked with driving improvements in patient care.

He said: “While we recognise that clinicians are under so much time constraint, we also realise that the internet offers an opportunity to bring some of the world’s best thinkers in quality improvement direct to their desks.

“We have pulled together an outstanding list of international speakers who were all very keen to be involved and agreed to take part free of charge.

“I think we can say that our first webinar was an international success, with our speaker, Professor Michael Buist, based in Tasmania, addressing more than 140 people. In fact this was so successful that colleagues in eight other countries asked to take part in the debate.

“Each session is being recorded. This allows anyone in Scotland to download the webinars at a time convenient to them.”

Next webinair 25th March 2014 – Absent community and stronger clinical performance: Why integration is a must – presented by Goran Henriks